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    PNG Compression

    In relation to digital files, compression is the act of taking one file and making it smaller by removing bits of information. Sometimes you’re removing empty or useless bits of information so the file reduces in size but it appears exactly the same. This is called lossless compression. On the other hand, if you remove bits that lower the quality of the file, this is known as lossy compression.

    The tool on this page conducts a type of lossy compression by reducing the available color palette of a PNG.

    Why would you want to compress a PNG?

    PNGs are ideal for graphics, logos, and other simple designs because they support transparency. This allows you to place a PNG on top of another image and only cover specific parts of the image underneath. This is something not possible with many other image formats, including JPG.

    PNGs support either 24-bit or 8-bit colors. The higher the bit support, the more available colors there are for that PNG — and the larger the file size. If your website has a simple logo that is a 24-bit PNG, that file is taking up unnecessary space and slowing down your page load time. Converting that image to an 8-bit palette will reduce the file size without affecting its visible quality. Now you have a smaller file taking up less space in storage and your page will load slightly faster.

    If you have a lot of PNGs on your page, compressing them to 8-bit could drastically improve your website’s speeds.

    How can you compress a PNG?

    Compressing a PNG is incredibly simple using our free online tool. There’s no software to download, no need to register, and no limit to the number of compressions you can do.

    The first thing you’ll need to do is upload one or up to 20 PNG files. The easiest way to do this is to simply drag and drop your images onto the “Drop Your Files Here” field. However, if you’re on a mobile device, you can also tap the “UPLOAD FILES” button and navigate to your PNGs that way.

    Once uploaded, you’ll see thumbnails for your PNGs in the queue. Our server will immediately process them and determine the appropriate ratio for quality compression. If you’re happy with what our server chooses, you can simply grab the compressed file(s) by hitting the “DOWNLOAD” button under the thumbnails.

    If you want to manually control the compression level, that is also an option. Tap the thumbnail of one of your images to launch the manual mode. Move the quality slider until you have found the ideal ratio of compression to file fidelity. When satisfied, hit the “APPLY” button and move on to the next image.

    When everything is all done, you can save some time by hitting the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. This downloads a ZIP file. That file will contain all your compressed PNGs in one convenient package.

    If you’re ready to perform another conversion, hit the “CLEAR QUEUE” button and start the process again. Remember that you can only do batches of 20 images at the most, but you can upload as many batches as you like.

    Is it safe to compress PNG files?

    Our compression tool is not only easy to use but completely safe. The server that operates the tool is fully automated, so no one sees the images you upload. Also, the server automatically purges all data after 60 minutes, so anything you upload will be deleted just an hour later. This keeps your data private and secure.

    Also, if you are unhappy with our compression output, you’ll still have your original files. You can then upload the master file again and re-compress it. You can do this as many times as you wish.